COMMITTEESat All Saints' Cathedral




Welcoming all who enter the doors of the Cathedral is an important part of our life.

The purpose of the Newcomer Committee is welcome all newcomers and be open to their needs. The goal of the committee is help newcomers feel welcome by introducing them to parishioners and to our ministries and social activities and to assist newcomers in becoming members of our spiritual family through mentoring and follow-up calls, being always mindful of their individual needs. Events such as Newcomer Receptions and personal invitations to activities help newcomers become acquainted with parishioners in smaller settings.





The Evangelism Committee consists of a group of parishioners who are passionate about All Saints' Cathedral's mission to share the Faith.

The Committee meets monthly for prayer, study, and discussions of how the Cathedral can reach out most effectively and bring Christ into the lives of our parishioners, visitors, the Diocese and our community. Evangelism at the Cathedral also includes participation in prayer groups, the Shepherds program, Newcomer Receptions, sending greeting cards and notes to visitors, a parishioner picture album, posting photos of Cathedral events and life, and workshops.






The Communications Committee is responsible for conveying all the happenings in and about All Saints' Cathedral to parishioners and the community at large. It is to our ultimate benefit to spread the word of who we are and what we're about.

We've established a network of community publications to contact with appropriate news. The Communications Committee is the clearinghouse for all committee communications, printing visitor information and newcomer materials, and expanding coverage in the Diocesan and area newspaper publications. Our newsletter, The Messenger, is published monthly and is chock full of interesting news, personal interviews, and the dates of special events. The Messenger surpasses all other newsletters in the quality of its contents. You can see The Messenger on this website. The Website also falls under our jurisdiction, introducing calendars of events, a detailed history and much more. Be sure to take the web virtual TOUR for an outstanding glimpse into the beauty of the Cathedral!




Fabric and Grounds

The Fabric Committee oversees the building and grounds maintenance of our property.
They research and plan repairs and improvements that are needed and then either hire the contractor or do the job ourselves, if it is within our abilities. They also oversee work in the garden, including planting, weeding, pruning and lawn care, all done by volunteers. The size and age of our historic buildings and yard guarantee that we are fortunate having the time and talents of volunteers, utilizing their expertise in many circumstances.





Hospitality at All Saints' Cathedral creates a climate of warmth and comfort for parishioners and guests, where everyone is welcome and made to feel at home.
As the Bishop's church, many Diocesan events are hosted at the Cathedral. Our responsibilities include the set-up, serving and clean up for Coffee Hours, receptions, dinners and many events that involve fellowship and food at All Saints'. It is not unusual for the Hospitality Committee to use their culinary skills by preparing luncheons and dinners for as many as 60-80 guests, with efficiency and a touch of elegance!



Stewardship and Finance

The Stewardship/Finance Committee is a combination committee which meets approximately monthly. Some on the committee focus on the stewardship aspect and others on the financial aspect. In meeting together they are able to coordinate their efforts and advice to the Chapter.


The Stewardship Committee works in conjunction with the Dean to educate parishioners about the task of individual stewardship in Christian life through members' commitments of service and financial resources to further All Saints' mission. The committee develops communications (e.g., newsletter articles, bulletin notices) to explain and engage parishioners in the process of annual pledging to the All Saints' community. The committee also shepherds the annual pledge process by preparing pledge cards and letters to parishioners and undertaking the organization of the annual Time &Talent Faire to familiarize parishioners, new and old, with programs and services carried out to accomplish the Cathedral's mission and to encourage greater participation in our many ministries.


With the guidance of the Cathedral Treasurer, the Finance Committee reviews and analyzes the monthly financial statements received from the accountants and makes recommendations to the Chapter as the year progresses, particularly when adjustments are necessary or extraordinary expenses arise. The committee regularly brainstorms about other financial issues and makes recommendations to the Chapter for its consideration. One of its main jobs is to draft a proposed budget for Chapter's consideration and ultimate approval for the following year. This process takes several months. The proposed budget is drafted after seeking requests from the many committees and groups which carry on the Cathedral's ministries and considering past expense history, anticipated increases in insurance, pension, and cost of living; and other expenses necessary to maintaining the Cathedral's facilities and life.



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